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" We cannot begin to express our appreciation for the wonderful work you did in facilitating your workshop Maintaining Your Emotional Balance. You did an outstanding job and the comments we received clearly reflect a job well done! Thank you from the Southern Chapter of CCA" - Yslande Solomna, Lauren Fontana, & Ethan Parker


“Bob helped us expand and broaden our sense of community.  We loved his presentation and dedication. . . . The music and the creative expressions shared by Bob, with such wit, helped us tap into our inner sources of wisdom and compassion.” - Bogusia Skudrzyk, Ph.D., President of the Association of Specialists in Group Work


"Bob's work is sensitive yet humorous, personal yet generic. . . Bob knows of what he speaks; he is a certified, experienced counselor who can combine life-long messages with up to the minute enthusiasm.” - Pam Stiles, Conference Chair, Pennsylvania School Counselor Association


“Bob’s energy is contagious and uplifting.  He connects with his audience in a way that few can.  He leaves you feeling good about yourself and what you do.” - Nina Malinak, Executive Director, Connecticut Counseling Association


“Bob’s music, straight from the heart, blends humor and wisdom.  His message grabs you in the moment and gives you food for thought long after.  He is a wonderful speaker and really captures his audience.” - Linda Kobylarz, Past President, Connecticut Counseling Association

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